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Current Biology 2023

Salvail H and Breaker RR



Differential synthesis of novel small protein times Salmonella virulence program

PLoS Genetics 2022

Salvail H, Choi J, Groisman EA 


RNA chaperone activates Salmonella virulence program during infection

Nucleic Acids Research 2021

Choi J., Salvail H, Groisman EA

Biochemical Validation of a Fourth Guanidine Riboswitch Class in Bacteria

Biochemistry 2020

Salvail H*, Balaji A*, Yu D, Roth A, Breaker RR (*Shared authorship) 


The phosphorelay BarA/SirA activates the non-cognate regulator RcsB in Salmonella enterica

PLoS Genetics 2020

Salvail H and Groisman EA.


Antagonistic functions between the RNA chaperone Hfq and an sRNA regulate sensitivity to the antibiotic colicin

The EMBO Journa2013

Salvail H, Caron MP, Bélanger J, Massé E


Regulating iron storage and metabolism with RNA: an overview of posttranscriptional controls of intracellular iron homeostasis 

WIREs RNA 2012

Salvail H and Massé E.

A small RNA promotes siderophore production through transcriptional and metabolic remodeling

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2010

Salvail H, Lanthier-Bourbonnais P, Sobota JM, Caza M, Benjamin JA, Mendieta ME, Lépine F, Dozois CM, Imlay J, Massé E

Dealing with oxidative stress and iron starvation in microoganisms: an overview

Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 2010 

Benjamin JA*, Desnoyers G*, Morissette A*, Salvail H*, Massé E (*Shared authorship).



The small RNA RyhB activates the translation of shiA mRNA encoding a permease of shikimate, a compound involved in siderophore synthesis.

Molecular Microbiology 2007

Prévost K, Salvail H, Desnoyers G, Jacques JF, Phaneuf E, Massé E.


Small RNAs controlling iron metabolism.

Current Opinion in Microbiology 2007

Massé E, Salvail H, Desnoyers G, Arguin M.

A spermidine riboswitch class in bacteria exploits a close variant of an aptamer for the enzyme cofactor S-adenosylmethionine

Cell Reports 2023

Salvail H, Balaji A, Roth A, Breaker RR

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